PortShore Services

Company was incorporated in 2008 to provide key materials management support services to the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry: Near term focus is capacity building to offer ‘end -to –end’ MRO materials logistics support services as a STOCKISTS.

This sector targeted approach, we believe, offers us the opportunity to build capacity in this sector, and ultimately, achieve one of the Nigerian Content Development goals, the Local Supplier Capacity Development Initiative.

This will be carried out and coordinated from our network of warehouses, strategically located in Lagos/Onne.

To achieve this, PortShore Services will build and enter into strategic relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and accredited distributors.

Energy Division:

PortShore Services (Energy Division) is primarily focused on:

  • Energy Management - Efficiency/Savings

  • Energy Management Consultancy

  • Clean Energy through distribution of World Bank tested and Approved Solar Portable Lighting (SPL) Products for the un-electrified and under electrified BOP

Under the Energy Management, PortShore Services will offer technology based solutions to ensure energy management services, conservations/savings that will enable our clients to:

  1. Manage their Energy consumption through identification and control

  2. To save money through Energy Cost Reduction/Elimination

  3. Increase their Profit

  4. Reduce their carbon footprint and earn environmental protection recognition

  5. Prolong the life span of their appliances/equipment through protection against power surges

This will be handled through introduction of retrofits and technology that will ensure energy consuming giant like motors, air conditioners, fridges, computing equipment, lighting bulbs/ fluorescents etc.. only draw down on just the amount or quantity of energy required to ensure no energy is wasted.

Our Clean Energy Activities will distribute:

  1. Solar powered lighting products

  2. Reversely Engineered equipment that are environmental friendly and solar powered

  3. Other Renewable Energy to the large and huge un-electrified market at the Bottom of The Pyramid (BOP).