About PortShore Group

The PortShore Group is a wholly Nigerian organization of diversified, but integrated businesses with highly treasured Business conducts and practices. It has its headquarters in the commercial city of Lagos, Nigeria in West Africa, with representatives in the UK and USA.

The Group’s interests extend to include materials / equipment management- the optimum ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer – PortShore - Consumer chain, offering importation/local logistics and warehousing; fabrication, maintenance, civil works, front end engineering design; provision of offshore supply vessels; jetty/harbour services, camp facilities; training and technical events hosting and technical manpower supply/management services. These activities are spread in the Group’s companies: PortShore Services; PortShore Engineering; PortShore Marine and PortShore Edge.

Our goals include: Clients’ Satisfaction; Superb services delivery; enthusiastic workforce; Above-industry average Profitability, Earnings and Growth; Leadership and Sensitivity; Efficient Operations; Effective Community Relationships and Sustainability

The Group maintains and continue to seek out strategic global partnering with industry leaders for the various offerings to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

The Group long term goal is to blend its services culture with Production, and become the first Nigerian Organization in the industry to straddle both the service and production spheres in the oil and gas industry as a service company and an operator.

The Ideas We Value:

Clients’ Cares:
As a world-class organization, we appreciate that we are in business to serve and satisfy our clients. Accordingly, our customer orientation must reflect strong relationship via intimacy, integrity and learning

We are not shy, we are driven to continuously seek and develop new businesses, and ready to, with HUMILTY, learn the necessary lessons from everyone and everywhere. We will build a truly great global organization.

Diligence & Excellence:
PortShore is a large group that is working together to deliver the best services (and product in the long run) to our clients and the various stakeholders. To make this happen, we are a team, we respect ourselves and our clients, we listen to our critics and friends, we seek out mutually beneficial partnerships and we our view businesses in the long term.


We will not trade our ethics and integrity for opportunities, no matter how big. The means by which we obtain businesses is as important to us as the businesses. We will forfeit and let go an opportunity that does not meet our ethics bench mark